Mark your calendars for show day!


Sunday June 5th The C.O.O.L. Kids Dance Team presents: Live Love Dance Spring Recital 2016!

Part one will feature 6 dances by our Entertaining Angels (AKA C.O.O.L. Kids under age 8).  Following this 20 minute heavenly performance are our C.O.O.L. Kids themselves featuring The Son Dancers (AKA C.O.O.L. Kids ages 18 and up) in an hour long presentation of ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical.  The first half starts at 6:00 with a 10 minute break between the two halves.  Part 2 starts at 6:30.  You are not gonna want to miss any of this!




2 thoughts on “Mark your calendars for show day!

  1. Hi Catrina…checked the calendar and Sat is the 4th and Sun is the 5th…just checking to see which day it actually is… Thanks, Love you, Nana


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