The Casting Update

The moment you have been waiting all summer for is right here

The password was given at auditions today.
Congrats C.O.O.L. Kids!

Class schedule is seen here:

Please also note you may have multiple roles and you may also be an understudie so see both lists (on same page)  Here are some flash back pics from the first time we did this show!  It was our first show ever!  Can’t wait to do it again!


Auditions August 28th!


“The Gift of Joy” 2016 Auditions are August 28th.

Ages 2-8 1:00-2:00
9 and up 2:00-4:00
Pointe 4:00-5:00

Please arrive on time wearing a black leotard and pink tights.  Hair in a bun skirts are optional.  There are leotards at the church if you need to borrow or take one.  Please arrive with enough time time find one that fits.

You will be given clear directions once arriving at the church.  You do not need to prepare anything ahead of time or do any choreography.

Everyone wanting to be in this years production must audition.  Everyone will be placed in the show, auditions are to see which role will be appropriate for you.  In addition to considering ability and level, the judges will also look at attendance, attitude, and dedication when casting.

I look forward to seeing everyone in August!
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Recital Sunday June 5th

I can not believe we are almost a month out from our 10th aniversary recital already!  I am so proud of how hard everyone worked yesterday, some even stayiong late to work on their dances!  Everything is looking so reat!  I think we are on the right track to have our best recital yet!  We have one more week to learn coreography.  The next week to film the dances.  The next week to watch and critque what we filmed then one more week to aply the changes before dress rehearsal number one.


Dress rehearsal is held twice.  May 28th and June 4th.  Exploring Movement and Intro to Dance will rehearse 10:00am-11:00am.  Please arive in black leotard and pink or white tights.  Ballet and Jazz Levels I, II, and III will rehearse 1:00-3:00.  Please arive in black leotard and leggings.


The little ones will go first with their recital being 6:00-6:20.  Please have the children there by 5:45 in a black leotard with white or pink tights.  Costumes will be at the church.  Hair should be in a bun (if possible 🙂  Children will sit with their parents while waiting their turn to go on stage.  Our older dancers will be upstairs getting ready for their performance, so please keep the children from going upstairs to the dance room.  We hope that little ones and their families will stay to watch the older dancers perform at 6:30.

Ages 9 and up will be preforming at 6:30.  Please arive by 6:00 into get your costume on and have your hair done.  We are very excittedto have C.O.O.L. Kids alumni Casey back as our hair stylist this year.  Feel free to arive earliser if you wish to view the little ones’ dances as well.  Dancers should arive in a black leotard and black leggings.  Make up is optional.  Please note that I will be preocupide with the little ones’ recital from 5:45-6:20.  If you have any issues or questions during that time please ask Melissa, or come early if you have questions for me.

Everyone please note that their will be no formal pracitse time the day of the show, so please be sure to show up prepaird and ready to go.  Make sure to have a water (no eating while in costume please) and be sure you are well fed before hand.

I am so excitted for this show you are all doing a wonderful job, parents, you are going to love it!

See you next week!







We have a busy couple of months coming up, C.O.O.L. Kids!

-Start submitting your entries to the we dance everywhere photo contest now!  Just send me the file when you get your shot 🙂  Voteing date tbd.  More info:

-Movie night has been moved to Saturday March 19th at 7:00!  Come celebrate our 10 year aniversary with a “red carpet party”!  More info:

-Live Love Dance Spring Recital June Sunday 5th 6:00 more info:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Tiny Toes

We Dance Everywhere photo contest part II!

Start submitting your entries now!  It’s the We Dance Everywhere Photo Contest Part II!  Take a pic of yourself dancing somewhere you love.  In your backyard, at the beach, in the snow…in costume, in warm ups, in street clothes…be creative (and safe!)!  Email me your pic for a chance to win a C.O.O.L. prize 🙂  The whole team and our C.O.O.L. parents get to vote on the winner!  Voting date TBD.  All ages please participate!  Here are some entries from the last contest: