Nice work today!

We (the judges) just loved seeing all of your creativity at solo auditions today!  The Results will be in this Saturday!  Thanks for sharing your talent with us!  editalso


Auditions this weekend!

We know you are hard at work choreographing your special duet or solo for auditions this weekend.  Here are some tips:

We will be judging on preparedness, creativity, expression, professionalism and togetherness for duets.  Pick a song you love and know well.  Picking a song you relate to is always a great idea.  Relax and have fun!

Audition time slots for Sunday will be assigned on Saturday. Auditions are open for ages 8 and up.  If you are unable to make auditions on Sunday just email me the video of your dance.  I can’t wait to see all of your dances!

*Please note that the song and dance you audition with is not necessarily the song and dance you perform in the recital.*


Mark your calendars for show day!


Sunday June 5th The C.O.O.L. Kids Dance Team presents: Live Love Dance Spring Recital 2016!

Part one will feature 6 dances by our Entertaining Angels (AKA C.O.O.L. Kids under age 8).  Following this 20 minute heavenly performance are our C.O.O.L. Kids themselves featuring The Son Dancers (AKA C.O.O.L. Kids ages 18 and up) in an hour long presentation of ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical.  The first half starts at 6:00 with a 10 minute break between the two halves.  Part 2 starts at 6:30.  You are not gonna want to miss any of this!



Calling all C.O.O.L. Kids!

All classes still open for new sign ups.

New dancers are welcome to join us all month!  View our class schedule here:

We have classes on Saturdays from ages 2-adult

Just arrive for your desired class wearing comfy workout clothes, dance shoes or bare feet.  No drop offs for members under 10 years old.  All members under 18 being dropped off please sign in and out at the entrance to the dance room. Enter the church through the back door, dance room is in Vestry II up stairs.  See you there!  coolkid