Student Hand Book Fall 2016

Team work
Team work at Old Home Day 2013

Welcome to the team!
Here at the C.O.O.L. Kids Dance Team, our program, dancers, classes, and performances just keep getting better and better, which means this will be our best year yet!  In order for us to keep growing and improving as a team we must all respect the rules listed here in the team hand book.  This will maximize our effectiveness as a team, remember that our dance team is made up of all of us: dancers, parents, grandparents, teachers and leaders.  Communication and cooperation is key!

Class Dress Code:
A leotard and tights.

Recital Dress Code:
Costumes will be provided free of charge and will not at any point go home with dancer.  Dancer must provide black leotard, and pink tights.  Leotard must have high neckline.  These items can be found used in the C.O.O.L. Kids swap shop located in the waiting area.  Feel free to also leave items you no longer use.  An example of an appropriate leotard is:

Attendance Policy:
Anyone missing more than 2 weeks out of a month or more than 3 weeks in a row may be taken out of their dance and put into a smaller roll or removed from the show.  Please inform you teacher when you will be missing rehearsal and write it in your folder at the front desk. 

Class Etiquette:
-Do not question your teachers choreography/teaching techniques

-Do not instruct your class mates

-Always finish a combination

-When you have a hard time with a step, work at it do not blame your teacher

-You may be asked to leave the team temporarily, or permanently if you:

Present a safety concern to your self, classmates, leaders, or any one else in the building;
Consistently go against the hand book;
Create disrespectful distractions during class;
Break attendance policy. 

Updates and Communication:
You must subscribe to the website to receive email updates.  It is your own responsibility to be sure you know about cancellations, performances and events, and all other updates.  The team leader will no longer be sending text updates, or email newsletters.  However you may feel free to contact the director by email or text if the answers you are looking for are not found at

Additional Rules for Preschoolers:
-Parent must remain in the building at all times
-Please keep communication with your dancer to a minimum during practice
– If you have specific methods of dealing with certain behavioral issues at home feel free to share with teacher for consistency
-Please keep in mind our teacher’s main goal is for the students to have fun, if dances don’t look perfect, the audience will love them anyway!
-If a child is being too much of a distraction to the rest of the class, you may be asked to remove them from the class room temporarily.
-If a grandparent or special family friend wishes to visit and view the class rather than sit in the waiting room, that will be respected.  Please sit in an area the class teacher finds convenient.
-After class ends, our teachers will bring students to the waiting room where their parents are.  From this point on the students are no longer the responsibility of the teachers.  Teachers will be getting ready for their next class or task and will not be expected to babysit.
-Parents can linger in the waiting room after class as desired, but we ask that students are strictly kept from the dance area as classes are held back to back.
-Please do not assume it’s safe for students to wonder the building without you.  The door is unlocked and anyone can come and go.  Teachers will not be expected to notice if a student leaves the dance area without a parent after their class has ended.


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